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We at (Dr. Hashmi Health Care) adhere to a privacy policy that guarantees 100% confidentiality and protect your personal & medical information to the best of our efforts.


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Sexual dysfunction is normally treated by correcting or addressing the underlying problem or problems that are causing the dysfunction & other issues. We are equipped with the team of one of the best sexology professionals who have years of experience in managing such cases and deliver right prescription depending upon the merits' complexity of the problems.

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Patients Safety

We understand our patient’s situation and mental trauma they might have been going through. We understand their world and are committed to their safety and security. Our expert team is fully equipped with state of the art equipment and best of the medicines which ensure complete safety of the treatment.

The privacy and security of our patient health information is a top priority for us. Talking about and seeking a solution for your sex related problem can be embarrassing and intimidating and that is why we offer 100% GUARANTEE to YOUR PRIVACY. Your health information is completely safe guarded either on paper or saved electronically.

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Hashmi Dawakhana is a centre for brilliance in natural treatment – symbolic of a current clinic with a mission to endorse preventive and corrective treatment with world-class practices and competencies. From being a lonely clinic started by Hakeem Hashmi and exclusively run by him in UP, India in 1929, the company has came a long approach to its present state. Today, Hashmi Dawakhana is one of the world’s largest series of natural virtual clinics and has a network of virtual patient services catering to all cities of India and abroad.

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Happy & satisfied customers

Ling ki samasya se bahut paresaan tha magar ab toh maza hi alag hai. Doctor sahab ka dhanyavad karte hain.


Our sex life was quite upset but now it satisfactory. Thanks to you.


It the first time in India when I see any online sexual health clinic. It good keep it up. God bless you.


Now we are also enjoying our married life. Thanks dr Hashmi for helping us to achieve the pleasure of our dreams.


This is good of you that each every adult should come know about the it is not easy to be easy to satisfy themself it should reach nook & corner of persons to learn and must do in right way in good broadminded thoughts to execute in the play


thanks dr Hashmi got relexed by knowing its recoverable plz sir get me your online conceltation and the exercises ou mentioned. i will definitely go through these in order to....


Thanks Dr. Hashmi I am vary happy with your online consultation and Treatment. Now I am planning for Marriage and this all Happened due to your guidance. Thanks again.


I am having problem of Ejaculation during foreplay. If the next girl press my penis during foreplay I Ejaculate. I was thinking it happened due to excitement but it happened 5-6 times till now. So I am thinking there may be some issue. What you think is the possibility? Currently I am not in India so I cant visit the clinic.

Rahul Kumar

I read and i agree your site is very good to take a lesson how to face a sex problem with confidence. Keep it up.

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